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Hydraulic hose making

Our company undertakes to cut hydraulic hoses to size and press them with the desired connector. If you use hydraulic hoses for your equipment as an agricultural, industrial or small-scale user, visit us at Albertirsa as soon as you need a new hose!

High quality: For our customers, we produce the requested products in high quality: Semperit hydraulic hoses and Italian hydraulic couplings are the defining part of our products.

The following hose sizes can be manufactured at our Albertirsa site: 4mm - 32mm.

Our company guarantees the finished hoses!

Connector types:

  • metric connectors (DKL, DKS, CES, CEL)
  • BSP English inch connectors (DKR, AGR)
  • JIC inch connectors with 37° taper angle (DKJ, AGJ)
  • connectors with ORFS thread (ORH, ORK)
  • eye hydraulic connector (RNM, RNC)

Connector designs:

  • straight
  • 45 degrees
  • 90 degrees

Hydraulic connectors, hoses: